Tabs, Dual Panel, and numerous features for Mac's native Finder

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Version 1.7

Released 16/11/2021

Supports macOS 10.6 - 12

Tabs and Dual Panel

Tabbed and Dual Panel file management.

Menu commands

Quick access to dozens of functions made available in menus, context menu, toolbar.

Copy Path, Attributes, Contents, Workspace, New Terminal Here, Make Symbolic Link, New File, Copy to, Move to, Show Hidden Items, Hide Desktop, etc.

Cut and Paste

Press Command + X to cut, press Command + P to paste.

Natural Cut and Paste experience.

Copying Queue

Copy and move files one by one, no matter how many times you press Copy/Cut/Paste shortcut without waiting for previous operations to complete.

Folders on top

Keep folders above of files.

For all sort types.

Automatically adjust width of columns

To see complete file name of all files without manually adjust column width.

Enhanced Appeareance

Pretty label drawing like legacy Finder. Full row label.

Custom color, also known as light text on dark background.

Colorful icons in Sidebar.

Transparent window.

Many more

Press Enter or Return to open selection.

Middle-click to open folder in new window or new tab.

Shift-Select in Icons View

Display folder item count in List view.

Display size of selected items in Status Bar.


Dual Panel








XtraFinder Menu

Legacy Label on Desktop