What's new in the latest version?

Release notes.

aText does not work

You hear the click sound, but no text generated, most likely you are using Mac App Store version on OS X 10.11 or later. Please see below for more information about Mac App Store version.

If you are using normal version, try to restart your computer once. Use "Diagnostic" tool in aText's menu.

Forget your serial number

Please search your mail boxes for "aText" phrase to find your license email. If it was lost, contact us.

If you purchased aText via Mac App Store, please re-download from Mac App Store.

How to register?

Restart aText, the Register window will show up. Or view this screenshot.

Serial number is invalid

Just carefully copy and paste your license information. The email is case sensitive. Provided license information is always correct.

aText inserts long text incorrectly in web browser apps

Try turn on "Automatically use Clipboard for long text" in Preferences.

aText inserts clipboard's content instead of snippet's content

Try turn off "Automatically restore Clipboard" in Preferences, or increase delay.

How to expand only after hitting Space or Enter key?

In group‘s setting, set "Expand:" to "At delimiter".

How to make hyperlink snippet?

Set "Content" to "Formatted Text" (view screenshot). In the editor, press Cmd+K to insert link.

How to make table, list, coloring, etc?

Set "Content" to "Formatted Text" (view screenshot). Use TexEdit or other text editor apps to make rich text content, then copy it into aText.

How to change Date/Time format?

In the snippet editor, double-clicking on a Data/Time variable to access editing data/time format.

How to copy aText data to another computer?

1. Export aText data to ".atext" file, by selecting "File" menu \ "Save..."
2. Import ".atext" file, by selecting "File" menu \ "Open..."

aText does not expand correctly

aText may conflict with other apps. Use "Diagnostic" tool in aText's menu.

Secure Input

Secure Input is enabled by many apps for password fields input or security features.
When Secure Input is enabled, OS X prevents aText from working until Secure Input is disabled.
If Secure Input hangs, please quit your running apps to find which app does not release Secure Input.
Secure Input is not bug of aText.

How to disable aText in specific applications?

Disable group: screenshot.

Disable "Auto-Correction" function: screenshot.

How to make aText work with Parallels virtual machine?

1. Disable Parallels‘s Coherence mode.
2. Does not use Full-screen mode.

How to insert snippet in password field?

* Use aText icon in the menu bar to select abbreviation.
* Set a key combination for "Search snippets" hotkey in aText‘s Preferences. Then press that hotkey in password field and search for your password.

aText window shows at login.

aText is duplicated in Login Items. Try turn off "Start at login" option in aText‘s Preferences.

About Mac App Store version.

aText Mac App Store version can no longer fully work on OS X 10.11 El Capitan and later because of new App Sandboxing restrictions. This is not fixable.
If you purchased aText on Mac App Store, please switch to non-MAS (non sandboxed) version for free. See below.

If you purchased aText recently via Mac App Store,please request refund from Apple.
Follow steps in this page.

If you want to use aText on the latest OS X, please purchase license from aText's store.

Please do not purchase aText from Mac App Store for migrating to non-MAS version. Because many users were not able to reproduce the process, and the Mac App Store version may be removed anytime by Apple.

Migrate your Mac App Store license

1. Download aText from Mac App Store, open it once, quit it, and keep it.
2. Download and launch aText from this website.
3. If the Trial screen shows up, choose your Mac App Store version to migrate license. If there is no Trial screen, your MAS license is successfully migrated.
Your data will be transferred automatically.

If it does not work, open Finder to find and delete all in your computer, then try this procedure again.

Contacting us

If you experience problems, please read above FAQs, and update to the latest version before contacting us.

E-mail us at .